Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Online Backup Manager (OBM) and the ACB (A-Click Backup)

NetRescueOBM / NetRescueACB 


 Dual Core architecture or above[1]  
[1] Data integrity checks and other application processes (e.g. retention policy job, CRC ... etc.) are now performed by the client application, resulting in increased processing power requirement and memory usage.  It is recommended a client machine should be installed with multiple core processors with sufficient memory.
 Memory: [2]
 Minimum: 2 GB
 Recommended: 4 GB or more
[2] 4GB RAM or more is recommended for better performance.
 Installation Space:
 Minimum: 500 MB  
 Network Protocol:
 Java Version:
 Java 1.7u76 or above [3]  
[3] Performance and stability is dependent on the operating system platforms and / or hardware architecture.

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