VOIP Services

VOIP Services

Standard VOIP Line NetRescues' Standard VOIP Line works just the same way that an ordinary phone line does, except that you get heaps of great extra features!

Each line has its own number, and you can choose what region / prefix that you require. ie, 09, 07, 03 etc. If you like, you can even keep your old phone number when you change to VOIP! You get 2000 free local minutes with each line, and great rates on other calls.

You can use a softphone on your computer, a SIP phone that plugs directly into the internet, or use an ATA adaptor to convert your old standard phone into a VOIP phone.

Once connected, simply make and receive calls just like you would from anyother phone.

Lines are $8.70 each per month with 2000 free local minutes. Other call costs can be found here. Costs are billed monthly, +gst.

0800 VOIP freephone line

A NetRescue 0800 freephone number allows your customers to call you for free. You can connect your 0800 number to a phone, just like with a Standard VOIP line, or you can point it at another number, ring several numbers at once, or have it hunt through many numbers in turn. The choice is yours! You can even bring your old 0800 number over with you, if you already have one with another supplier.

You pay just $8.70 per month for the 0800 number, 5c per minute for incoming national calls, and 21c per minute for incomming cellphone calls. Costs are billed monthly, +gst.

VOIP Faxmail

A NetRescue Fax line gets you your very own dedicated fax service. You can choose to simply use the NetRescue Faxmail service to send and receive faxes from your PC, or you can connect your traditional fax machine to a T.38 capable device such as an ATA and use it to send and receive your faxes. You can even use the Faxmail service to receive any faxes missed by your fax machine

If you prefer to do away with your old fax machine, simply use the faxmail option. You receive a phone number for your faxline (or bring across your old one). When someone sends you a fax, it turns up in your email as an attachment. When you want to fax someone else, just make an email with the attachment that you want to fax, and email to PhoneNumber@fax.netrescue.co.nz for example, to fax NetRescue, you would send an email with the attachment to 039284849@fax.netrescue.co.nz You will receive a confirmation email that it has been sent, and the fax will print out on the recipients fax machine, just as normal.

Fax lines cost just Lines are $8.70 each per month with 2000 free local minutes. Other call costs can be found here. Costs are billed monthly, +gst.

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0800 Freephone Number - $10 p/m

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Faxmail Line - $10 p/m

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